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Bursledon C of E (C) Infant & Bursledon (CA) Junior Schools

Autumn Term 2018

The children have enjoyed learning about Brilliant Bursledon to start year 1. They began by listening to the story Rosie’s Walk. Next they sequenced pictures for the story. Then they practised orally rehearsing the story before finally writing the story.

During project time they have moulded and manipulated clay to make a hen.

The children have written instructions to guide Rosie around the farm. They have used the appropriate features of a title, numbers and imperative verbs.


They have inputted a set of instructions to the BeeBot to guide it around the farm.


The children have then walked to the library in Bursledon talking about the features they saw on the way. Next they have created a map from school to the library. Finally they have written instructions to get from school to the library.


Spring Term 2018

All Creatures Great and Small

To begin their project on ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ the children went on a trip to Marwell Zoo, where they saw a variety of animals. The children were able to name the animals and sort them into the animal group which they belonged to – mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds and fish.

The children enjoyed watching the penguins when they arrived, some were standing on the side while others were having a swim in the water.  

The meerkat made the children laugh when it came over to the window and stuck its tongue out.

The children were all shocked when they went to see the tigers and as they went to look into the enclosure suddenly the tiger appeared behind the glass.






On Monday we received a map with a X marks the spot.

We followed the map to the Wild Patch and found an egg.

After we put the egg in water, the egg begun to hatch and a dinosaur came out.




The children have innovated the story of ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’ and written their own amazing versions.


As part of the project the children have enjoyed designing and making their own boat. They have then tested their boat to find out if they float.


Grace Darling


The children have enjoyed find out about Grace Darling and how she became famous by saving the lives of others. They have sequenced pictures of the historical event and created their own still images. The children have written captions to match their still images. To conclude their work on Grace Darling they have written a diary.



The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch


The children have enjoyed listening to ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’ to begin the project. They have sequenced the pictures and orally rehearsed telling the story. The children have also written a list of items Mr Grinling had for lunch.


The children have also made their own basket. They have cut out a template carefully and folded along the lines. Next they have selected appropriate joining materials to make their basket.