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The Federation of

Bursledon C of E (C) Infant & Bursledon (CA) Junior Schools

Y6 Prizewinning Writing

This writing was voted the winner by children from Year 4 and 5-



I ran frantically through the dark, murky tunnel, bomb clasped in my hand. A putrid smell invaded my nostrils, my gasping breaths filled my ears. An agonizing stitch felt like a deep hole in my side, but I urged myself to keep going. I had to keep going. Rats scuttled and scampered desperately out of my path as I thundered, at breakneck speed, down the stone tunnel. Suddenly a booming roar echoed noisily down the endless tunnel. “Intruder!” …


I clambered panic-stricken through the cold, gloomy tunnel like prey running from it’s predator. I was running blindly now. No light could be seen in the dead of night. Every tap of stone sounded like gun shot , every “eek” from the mice sounded like a soldier halting me in my tracks. My heart thumped harder than ever.


I tripped clumsily on my already cut face. The path seemed to be  trying to shake me off, slow me down, get me caught. Suddenly a startling sound met my ears. A gun shot. I needed to escape. Fast!


After what seemed like years of running I spied a distant sky. The end of the tunnel. My energy was restored at the thought of ever escaping. I dashed erratically towards the end of the tunnel. The soldiers were oblivious to what was coming to them.


I stepped out of the tunnel into a large outside space. A space full of lethal weapons, mighty mortars and anti- aircraft guns. Perfect. I heard the crashing of the soldiers dashing head over heels towards me. I remembered my mission I dropped the bomb.


Soldiers flooded the room. I thought, I looked. I jumped, bracing myself, over the edge into the river. A freezing sensation overcame me. As I came up from the water I heard the sound I had been waiting for. The BANG of the bomb.


Swimming away a skeleton fell into the water, a skeleton who had been a soldier. Hunted wins yet again.


By  Joe