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The Federation of

Bursledon C of E (C) Infant & Bursledon (CA) Junior Schools

It's Wednesday....Roll up Roll Up Welcome to the Greatest Show in Burlsedon!

If you haven't already guessed today we are going to have a go at some circus skills. Be a "Tryatops" try some of these skills.....

Can you become the tallest person on earth? Have a go at balancing some objects, carefully on your head how many items can you balance, how tall can you make yourself?

Can you walk on stilts just like a clown? Cans and string are perfect for some homemade stilts.

Can you walk carefully along the tightrope just like an acrobat? Can you do this whilst balancing something on your head?

Can you amaze us with some fabulous throwing and catching skills? Can you juggle?

Or do you have another circus skill that you would like to share with us? Can you make us laugh just like the clown or show us a magic trick. Maybe you have managed to train your pet to perform a trick.

We look forward to watching the Greatest Show in Bursledon... have fun and keep smiling 🙂

Which one will you try to master? Have fun and keep smiling.