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The Federation of

Bursledon C of E (C) Infant & Bursledon (CA) Junior Schools

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Love   Respect   Aspire


       Code of Conduct – Parents, Carers and Visitors

  Date of last review:  December 2017                                                        

  Date approved by Governing Body:                                 

  Date of next review: September 2020                                                        

Committee responsible for implementation and review:  SAI 










The purpose of this code of conduct is to provide a reminder to all parents, carers and visitors about the conduct we expect on Federation premises, and the immediate vicinity, so that the whole school community can continue to flourish in an atmosphere of mutual understanding that reflects our core values of Love, Respect and Aspire. It was written in partnership with the parents of our schools.

The Federation leadership works on the assumption that by choosing our schools, parents and carers agree to adhere to the principles of our Parental Pledge (see Appendix 1), as will anyone choosing to visit our site.


Problem Solving                                                                                                  

From time to time you may have an issue, a question or a ‘thing’ that needs dealing with. If things are frustrating you, or you need some answers who is the best person to talk to in the first instance?

  • School office/Classteacher; and if still unresolved
  • Head of School; and if still unresolved
  • Executive Headteacher


    Ask your School contact for help to solve the problem. If you, or your child, are having a difficult time, let us help you. Together we can figure it out.


    Social Media

    We kindly ask parents and carers not to discuss the business of school or children attending school in any public forum including social networking sites. It’s very easy if something is niggling you to ‘post’ in the heat of the moment. However, before you post anything on Facebook, WhatsApp, or any other third party website you must T.H.I.N.K.:


    Signed (Chair of Governors) H Bax   April 2018



    If it is not factually true, or is unkind, then you may be accused of being libellous or a cyberbully.

    Cyber bullying in any form will be taken very seriously.

    To avoid this we ask that you do not take matters into your own hands.

    Always speak to the relevant contact at school (see above).










T         - Is it true?

H         - Is it helpful?

I           - Is it inspiring?

N         - Is it necessary?

K         - Is it kind?





Written by our parents for our parents                                                           


Appendix 1

THE PARENTAL PLEDGE - Be a Proud Parent/ Carer


Be on time:

At drop off and pick up and for school appointments.


Be positive:
Give praise and thanks whenever possible to instil confidence in your child.


Be polite:

Bad language and ill tempers should not be directed at children, staff and parents and must not be displayed on school grounds. Children are likely to copy learnt behaviours.


Be kind:

Bullying and threatening behaviour of any sort is not acceptable. Verbal, physical, written or implied threats from parents directed at children, teachers, governors or other members of staff and school parents will not be tolerated.


Be helpful:

If you hear of a problem or have any worries, report it immediately.


Be in control:
You can’t always control other people - but you can control the way you react. The use of any type of physical aggression must be avoided as this may be seen to be an assault on the individual and may have legal consequences. Remember not to threaten verbally, physically or through social media, as this is a criminal offence and will have to be reported.


Be considerate:

Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the school grounds; move away from the school gates and car parks during peak drop off and pick up times if you must smoke or vape.


Some of our children have severe, and in some cases even life threatening, allergies. Avoid making them ill by not bringing nuts, kiwis and dogs onto school grounds.


Be thoughtful:

Once you have dropped your child off at school move on and make space for those arriving later to ease congestion and reduce stress at peak times.


Be ‘green’:

Turn off your car engines when parked on or near the school grounds. Do not litter.


Be responsible:

Notify the school if your child is absent. Label all school uniform, pencil cases, bags and coats.


Be respectful:

Respect all the children, staff, parents and the governors. Do not bring onto school grounds, or be under the influence of, any intoxicating substances. Respect and look after the school’s property.


Be encouraging:

Help with homework. Encourage participation in extended school activities. Encourage children to always to do their best.


Be supportive:

Recognise their achievements. Support the schools values of Love, Respect, Aspire.


Be the best you can be…
You are their role model.