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Bursledon C of E (C) Infant & Bursledon (CA) Junior Schools


This is a phenomenal book by Jim Pipe however it doesn’t have a bibliography. It only has a few important points. I would recommend it to year 3 and 4’s because year 5 and 6 might find it a bit monotonous because the photographs are huge and there is only 1 sentence per page.  It would also be good for year 1 and 2 because it has big bald writing. I also think that if you are about to get a pet dog that it tells you all about them.   I have learnt that some dogs actually have to work.

In conclusion I think that it is a talented book because it tells you some really good facts. All about dogs some of the photographs are super cute to because they are close up. It would be good to copy down as a presentation with some added adjectives and verbs. I would give it a 5out of 10.I think it is amazing and I hope you get to read it sometime too.

By Ellie