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Bursledon C of E (C) Infant & Bursledon (CA) Junior Schools

Please check this page for regular updates on our beautiful chicks. Join in the fun of watching them grow and develop at Mrs Wolverson's house. When we are back at school I am sure they will want to come and visit you all....











The chicks are now nearly 6 weeks old and looking more and more like chickens everyday. I have spoken to the chicken farmer at Manor Farm and she says that at the moment it is still a bit tricky to tell if they are boys or girls but it is looking like Harry is a boy, Lily is a girl and Freya aka Pom-Pom she can't tell yet. She did identify which breeds they are which you can see in the links. Harry is a cross breed but the farmer isn't sure what he is crossed with. I love that the chicks display innate behaviour; their newest behaviour is having a dust bath. Did you know that chickens do this to keep their feathers and skin clear of parasites?