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Tile Barn Blog 2023

Thursday 22nd June

On the penultimate day, the children have added more fun-packed experiences to their time away. Today saw some of the children experience the Night Line where they had to manoeuvre themselves around an obstacle course, blindfolded! Some groups also experienced the water rockets where they had to try to hit targets using a bottle of water and a foot pump.

"It was really hard not being able to see but so much fun!" - Sahira

"It makes you realise how hard it is for blind people and opens up your other senses" - Ella

One more sleep to go on their adventure before they return home, tired, full of stories and with a large bag of washing!


Wednesday 21st June

Today children have continued to enjoy their various activities which has included fire lighting and outdoor cooking. They had to collect kindling and wood then use flint and steel to create a spark. Once they had made their fires, they created tortilla pizzas to cook on the fire - they were delicious!

"Outdoor cooking was really enjoyable. We made pizzas and roasted marshmallows, so we can now cook our families a meal! We also learnt how to make fires and keep them burning for ages!!!" - Bohdan and George

"I loved making the fires using a battery and steel wool. It looked amazing as it went up in flames. We then added different sized sticks to keep it going. Then we cooked a 'fast pizza' - mine had a big, fluffy crust with cheese and tomato." - Fred

Everyone is also getting into the full swing of "free time" where they are choosing to play board games/card games, colouring, drawing, football, cricket or just socialising in the sun!


Tuesday 20th June

After a fairly wet and thundery night spent calm and dry in their pods, the children have taken part in 4 more activities today, including:

The Woodland Walk – 3 hours/5k – The children made art out of natural objects, completed a minibeast hunt, identified animal tracks and managed to see deer, a badger set and even a hornet’s nest!

Vertical Gym – They had to scale a wall of differing objects and levels, stand on the top of the very high wall and complete trust tasks including leaning backwards – testing their confidence.

Problem Solving – a range of team building exercises where they had to use effective communication and cooperation to get from different points on the course, using limited resources.


“I enjoyed the vertical gym; it was fun. It had a bunch of hard activities to overcome. From the great height, everyone looked tiny! I felt a sense of achievement when I’d done it.” – Emmy

“I loved the giant tower and had to do the platform challenges. Everyone else pulled the ropes to get you down and up as a team. I really loved the climbing experience” - Ethan


Monday 19th June

We arrived safe and sound!

With an abundance of excitement and energy, the children settled quickly into the pods: their homes for the next 5 days. This afternoon they have completed 2 activities in their groups, including climbing, abseiling, create stacking and archery.

Fears have already been faced and conquered and the children are all having a great time. Our alfresco dinner of pizza, mac & cheese and pasta bolognese was eaten in the beautiful sunshine and was much-needed after a fun-packed afternoon.

This evening they will be showering (yes all of them!) washing up our plates, cups and cutlery and enjoying some free time before bed.

We will update you again tomorrow evening on our continuing adventures.